By Wirth

Design that loves growing old

Denmark seems to be hatching dozens of design talents, and Signe Wirth Engelund, the designer behind the brand by Wirth, is one to keep an eye on. Her favourite materials are oak and leather, and when developing a new product, she aims at challenging both her own abilities and the end user in inventing new ways of using her design.

"Design has to be pragmatic - in several ways. In my design, unnecessary details are always ruled out. Every little detail has to be drawn and prototyped over and over again in order to obtain the right simplicity and elegant functionality," Signe Wirth Engelund says.

The Spring collection from By Wirths offers everyday beauties in leather and oak - natural materials chosen, because they are ideal to mix with an endless range of colors and other materials. By this, you can always be sure, that your by Wirth design matches the rest of your interior. 

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